Goodbye Aspen

March 6, 2008

Dear Aspen,

You came to me on Thanksgiving day, from some nice
people from Colorado who took care of you until a show
home was found. That is why I named you Aspen. You
were four months old. It was love at first sight. You
had so much love and wanted to please.

You became the ultimate conformation show dog. You completed your AC Championship with a 5 point major at the Louisville KY show, against all professional handlers.  The judge thought you were the best who wouldn't have thought that.

You got me through the darkest time of my life, a failed marriage, bitter divorce, a failing business, financial ruins, and our home up for sale.  It didn't much matter to you, you kept my spirits high and we got through all of it together.  You blessed us with 12 wonderful puppies.  Your children, grand children and great children are now all over the world.  They honor us with headlines all the time.

I will miss the simple things, like you laying under the drapers with the top of your head peeking out, sitting on your butt on the bottom stair, laying on the deck and letting the cool wind pass by your body,
and asking to be first to be fed each breakfast and dinner.

We new you didn't feel well about 6 months ago when you stopped barking at us when we took a moment to relax on the couch.  Today the only things I have to remember you by is an empty food bowl with your name on it, a red old worn collar, a lock of your hair and 12 1/2 years of wonderful memories.  I would give anything to have you back healthy.

You got some of your favorite things today a Double cheeseburger and time on the deck to relax.  I am a walking zombie today from lack of sleep as I cried the entire night.  I feel like my heart and sole has been ripped out of me.  I guess God is the big winner today as he now has a wonderful friend and companion to keep him company.  I eagerly awhile the time in which we can be together
in our next life. I Love you so much I'll never let a day go by without thinking of you.


 Ron Szekeres

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