Kimberly Rodriguez

HC Leverage: Human Capital Leverage is a human resources firm serving small business owners throughout the United States. Our advisors are subject matter experts in talent management, organizational development and employee relations counsel. Our clients are business owners facing a broad spectrum of issues and challenges.

Every business needs a professional and knowledgeable human resources partner to help assist with their human capital needs. Human Capital Leverage helps clients facing a broad range of HR issues and challenges. Whether you sell products or services, we are here to help you reach your human and financial goals.

Terms: Services 100% Trade.  Consumable supplies and shipping where applicable is cash.  Mileage fee applies beyond 15 miles. 

Service Area: Chicago and surrounding Suburbs.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Chicago, IL


Available for:

HR Audits           
An audit is an objective, systematic review of a company's HR policies, procedures, strategic direction, structure, resources, and ultimately, its contribution to the organization. It offers the opportunity to protect your company, implement best practices and indentify areas for improvement, and can help assess whether specific practice areas are sufficient and legal.  
Employee Relations                        
Regardless of one’s title or position, relationships between individuals and teams in the workplace are essential to reducing employee turnover, increasing productivity and fostering creativity. If employee relation issues are not managed effectively, it will cost your  bottom line.
Manage Coaching      

Today's rising human resource challenges are more complex than ever. Let us help you maximize your team’s potential.  Understanding each individual within your team and how they uniquely come together is instrumental to the success of your business. We will help your leadership team make informed decisions through best practice recommendations, minimize your risk, and control costs in the areas of human capital management.

Policy Handbook Customization & Review           
Effective workplace policies and procedures have never been more important than in today’s challenging, ever-changing business world.  It is essential for companies to have systems in place and implemented based on employment practices. Streamlined processes will protect your company from risk of potential cost that could cost your bottom line.

Employee Handbook Customization & Review
Clearly communicate work rules, establish expectations, maintain consistency, and avoids potential charges of discrimination or wrongful discharge. If you don't develop a handbook, it is highly likely that you will be challenged to resolve employee issues that arise; because you will not have laid a foundation or structure to deal with those issues.

Job Description Completion & Review     
Having clearly defined job descriptions will help define a current employee’s role better or attract a qualified candidate. It is also used as a tool to help current employees prepare for career advancement opportunities. In addition, this is an opportunity to define the essential skills needed for a particular job. 

Performance & Process Management
Capitalizing on processes & performance is all about aligning, developing, guiding, recognizing and engaging your employees with the organization’s goals. Our consultants will help you do this in a way that help your employees understand how their role plays a critical part in the overall performance of the organization.  

Standard Operating Procedure
Having clearly defined standard operating procedures are use to create consistency when a process is performed. If your company has complex processes that need to be accurately followed, standard operating procedures can help you train new associates, minimize errors and improve efficiency.

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