Mike Girshovskiy

In The Balance: Certified life coach with PhD in Metaphysical Life Coaching.  Providing chair massage, energy balancing, meditation, self regulation technique.  Available for onsite chair massage for individuals or groups.

Service Area: Greater Chicagoland

Maywood, IL 

Mike Girshovskiy 



Are you sick and tired of
• your bad mood or
• your own unacceptable temper to such an extent that you nearly
• quit the job,
• divorce,
• shoot yourself or
• something worse?
I believe I can help you. 

I help people become better in tune with their life by energy balancing the left and right brain and other techniques based on Chinese Yoga to tune your perceived reality.  Learn to manage and control your mood and state of mind and how to handle anxiety and nervousness. Students can learn to remain at peace.  Group classes and private lessons available. 

Your body can be tuned just like a musical instrument.  Once it is tuned, you unconsciously make healthier decisions automatically.  One of my students said “Because I am practicing your techniques, I had a calm, satisfying visit with my mother for the first time in years”.