Budget Engine Rebuilders: Engine Rebuilding for Inboard Marine and Auto and Light Trucks.  Location: 6212 S. New England Ave., Chicago, IL  Contact: Glen Andrews  Telephone: 773-586-3577

City Suburban Auto Service: Complete Auto Repair and Service.  Location: 5674 N. Northwest Hwy., Chicago, IL  Contact: Neil Asija  Telephone: 773-355-5550

Grand Auto Center: Full service auto body and mechanical repair.  Terms: Labor is 100% Trade.  Parts are Cash.  Location: 1401 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL  Contact: Nick Torelli  Telephone: 312-226-1500

Landspeed Auto Repair: Full service auto repair, brakes,  transmission, exhaust, engine rebuild, oil changes, window tinting, car audio and remote starter  install, and auto body.  Terms: Labor is 100% Trade.  Parts are cash.  Location:
945 W. Dakin St., Chicago, IL  Contact: Faisal Khokhar  Telephone: 773-661-2155

Lucas Tire: Specializing in Brakes, Suspension, Front End, Emissions, Engine Repairs, and Etc. Work.  No transmission or body repair.  Terms: All Automotive Services available 100% Trade.  Parts are cash.  Tires available part cash part trade.  By appointment only.  Location: 3501 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL  Contact: Richard Lucas  Telephone: 773-528-2212

Transmission Master: Complete Auto Repair, Brakes, Suspension, Alternators, Fuel Pumps, Emission Test, Tune-Up, Oil Change, Engine & Transmission Replacement, Etc.  Terms: Labor is Trade and Parts are Cash.  Location: 3015 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL  Contact: Abraham Herrera  Telephone: 773-478-1700

Xpert Auto Service: Services include: Brakes, Exhaust System, Suspension,
Steering, Drive train, Ignition, Emission, Transmission, Engine, Heating & Cooling  Terms: Labor is trade and parts are cash.  Location: 4185 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL  Contact: Sam Billeh  Telephone: 773-866-2807


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