Electro Bond Refinishing: Bathtub and tile re-glazing using synthetic porcelain for maximum beauty and durability.  Wall tile and grout resurfaced. No floor tiles.  Terms: Average tub costs T$500.00.  100% trade for labor and approximately 25% cash for materials.    Cash travel charge of $25.00 to $75.00 applies to all jobs.  Call for quote.  Service Area: Most of Chicago and Suburbs.  Location: Bolingbrook, IL  Contact: Janet Shore  Telephone: 630-759-8500

Phoenix Bathtubs:   Ceramic tile and bathtub refinishing, instillation of acrylic bathtub liners  and wall surround systems.  Terms: Refinishing 100% Trade.  Installations and services 100% Trade.  Materials are cash.  Service Area: Within approximately 25 miles of Cicero, IL.  Location: 3203 S. Austin  Blvd.,
Cicero, IL  Contact: Denise Dominici or Ed Kaminski  Telephone: 708-863-3600


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