Admiral Graphics: Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Offset Printing.  Terms: Services 100% trade.  Garments, Screens, and Materials are cash.  Location:
547 W. Golf Rd., Arlington Heights, IL  Contact: Troy Thompson  Telephone: 847-734-1770

Affordable Embroidery: Custom Embroidery and Monogramming using computerized embroidery machines  for small or large quantity production.  Contact: Kim Kremar  Location: Crystal Lake, IL  Telephone: 815-477-7974

Chicago Printing & Embroidery: Screen Printing on shirts, hats, & other apparel, Embroidery, Towels, Promotions, Offset Printing for Business Cards & Flyers, Compressed T-Shirts, and More!   “We print and embroider for all major league sport teams.”   Terms: Screen Printing and Embroidery Production 100% Trade.  Materials are cash.  Available for large and small quantity production.  Contact: Yousuf Razzak  Location: 777 Factory Rd., Addison, IL  Telephone: 630-628-1777

D. C. Mad Hatter: Full custom Embroidery, Promotional Apparel and Products.  Outstanding Personal Service.  Quick Turnaround Option.  Terms: Embroidery 100% trade.  Caps 100% Trade.  Other garments are cash. Tax and shipping is cash.  Location: Chicago, IL  Contact: D. C.  Telephone: 312-656-9912

Stitchin Image: Embroidery for Caps and Garments.  Terms: Embroidery 100% Trade.  Embroidery Die is Cash.  Garments not available for barter.  Contact: Kathy Rechisky  Location: 9203 Glacier Ridge, Richmond, IL  Telephone: 815-578-9890


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