Alexander Kunovosky: Tuck pointing, Brick Repair, New Chimney Installation and old chimney repair. Terms: Labor is 100% Trade and Materials are cash.  Service Area: Chicago and Suburbs  Location: Franklin Park, IL  Contact: Sandor Kunovsky  Telephone: 773-431-2066

Brick & Stone Restoration: Masonry, Tuck Pointing, Chimney Repair/Rebuilding, New Brick work, Patios, Change Lintals, Power Washing, and Water Proofing.  Quality Craftsmanship!  Service Area:  Chicago and Suburbs  Terms: Labor is trade and materials are cash.  Contact: George Dobos   Location: Chicago, IL  Telephone: 847-744-4116

S & H Construction, Inc: Basement, Bathroom, and Kitchen Remodeling as well as Ceramic Tile Installation, Plastering, and Painting.  Service Area: Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  Terms: Labor is Trade and Materials are Cash.  Contact: Sheila Hamid  Location: Chicago, IL  Telephone: 847-596-7497



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