Code Pest Control
is a full service pest control company serving Chicago and  available for  Apartments/Condominiums/Office and Storage Spaces, or wherever you have pest problems.  Call Alex Guzman at 847-674-3323

Pest Experts: Pest Control and Extermination. Commercial and Residential.  Terms: Services 100% Trade.  Service Area: Chicago and Suburbs  Contact: Ewa Sakowska  Location: Mount Prospect, IL  Telephone: 773-916-6828

Pursuit Pest Control: General Structural Pest Control.  "I can help rid your building of mice and rats but not  vertebrate pests such as raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, etc."  Established: 1993  Location: Wauconda, IL  Contact: Bill Achramowicz  Telephone: 847-381-8697

Quality Pest Control: General pest control.  Service Area: Northwest Suburbs  Location: Elgin, IL  Contact: Dave Pickett  Telephone: 847-742-4064

“Spore Buster” Eliminates Infectious Organisms and Toxic Mold.  Spore Buster, the safest most effective biodegradable decontaminant.  It eradicates highly contagious, common viruses, such as Norovirus, influenza and, neutralizes and prevents the spread of viral diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and antibiotic-resistant super bugs.  Also kills Bed Bugs!  Service available to fully decontaminate homes and businesses.  Products available for maintenance.  Cost for monthly treatment for stores and restaurants begins as low as $100.00 per month.  Terms: Service is 100% trade.  Materials and consumables are cash.  Service Area: Entire Chicagoland area.  Contact: Ron Folz  Telephone: 815-451-3438


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