877 Top Tees: Screen printing for T-Shirts, other garments, signs, and labels. 
Printing service is 100% trade.  Garments and materials are cash and available at vendor prices.  Small quantity T-shirt printing possible at 100% Trade.  Online ordering not available for barter.  Call for pricing.  Location: 2010 Lehigh Ave., Unit L, Glenview, IL  Contact: Christopher Kuczek  Telephone: 312-479-1150

Admiral Graphics: Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Offset Printing.  Terms: Services 100% trade.  Garments, Screens, and Materials are cash. Location:
547 W. Golf Rd., Arlington Heights, IL  Contact: Troy Thompson  Telephone: 847-734-1770

Clubhouse Designs: Screen Printing and Embroidery for T-shirts, jackets, sweats, and more.  Terms: Design, Fabrication, Production 100% Trade.  Materials are cash.  Location: 4200 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago, IL  Contact:
Jon Sollberger  Telephone: 773-685-3711

Icon Graphics & Screen Printing: Textile/Garment Printing up to 6 Colors.  Terms: Screen Printing 100% Trade.  Screen cost $20 cash per color.  Garments are cash only.  Location: 1000 N. Rand Rd., #119, Wauconda, IL  Contact: Michael Paul  Telephone: 847-487-7019


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