Fox Valley Tanning & Massage: Tanning, Spray Tanning, UV - Free Spray Booth  Location: 8 S. 101 Rt. 59 (S.E. Corner of 59 and 34), Naperville, IL  Contact: Jim Beno  Telephone: 630-355-0021  Accepting AOB Multiple Scrip.  Order Scrip from AOB.  $50.00 and $100.00 Gift Certificates available from AOB.  Phone authorizations accepted.

Rockstyles by Ellyse: Hair Salon Services, Hair Extensions, Japanese Hair Straightening, Dreadlocks, Hair Pieces, Hair Color, and More...  Tanning, and Select Clothes and  Merchandise.  “Whether you're a star, or just want to look like one, we will introduce you to a new concept in HAIR AND FASHION. We offer a variety of products and services to enhance the IMAGE of the young, and young at heart. Enter our atmosphere unlike any other... Where images of all our favorite musicians appear on TV screens and pictures on the walls.”  Contact: Bruce Hausfeld  Telephone: 847-808-7895  Location: 749 Dundee Rd., Wheeling, IL

Tan 9.99 Unlimited: State of the art tanning salons.  Locations: 2527 N. County Line Rd., Algonquin, IL  Telephone: 847-658-8999  Contact: Jeff Bilotich  Terms: Accepting  $50.00 certificates.  Order from AOB.

Unlimited Tan: Why Unlimited Tan?  Results: We offer 8 levels of tanning for all skin types.  Cleanliness: We use hospital grade sanitizers for all cleaning.
Comfort: Our staff makes sure you feel comfortable and appreciated on every visit.  Why Tan Indoors?: Look Good: A tan gives you a healthy glow and can even make you look up to 15 lbs. leaner.  Feel Good: Sun exposure reduces stress, improves your appearance, and provides your body with vitamin D.  Save Time: Tired of sweating outdoors for hours? Maintain your tan for as little as 24 minutes a month.  Contact: Eric Anderson 6 Chicagoland Locations.  Gift Certificates Available from AOB.  Accepting AOB Multiple Scrip.


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