J H Power Cleaning Services: Interior and Exterior Painting, Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning, & Pressure Washing.  Service Area: Approximately 20 miles of Lake in the Hills.  Terms: Labor 100% Trade up to $500.00.  Materials are cash.  Location: Lake in the Hills, IL  Contact: Joshua Harrison   Telephone: 815-219-5090

Van's Janitorial and Maintenance: Janitorial Services for Businesses & Carpet Cleaning, Residential & Commercial Window Washing.  (No ladder work.)  Terms: Labor is trade and materials are cash.  Cash mileage charge applies beyond 10 miles of Lombard. Service Area: Within approximately 25 miles from Lombard.  Location:  Lombard, IL  Contact: James Van Der Stuyf  Telephone: 708-767-6833


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