Edward Baj

Networking Team International: Local Business 2 Business "Personal Referral" Organization.  Exclusive Categories!  Meeting weekly in Elmhurst.    

Terms: $100.00 per quarter.  Weekly Meetings.  100% Trade.

Elmhurst, IL

Edward Baj



These are just some of the benefits you and your company can realize by joining our Networking TEAM...

  • Save $$$ by personally meeting other business people once a week by getting to know them and what they do, rather than paying for expensive ads in newspapers. They, in turn, will also better understand YOUR business, and can then recommend you and your services to
    some of their current clients.
  • Promote your Business and/or Service each & every week.
  • Bring in more NEW CLIENTS through Referrals.
  • Gives you a chance to build Name Recognition for YOU and YOUR COMPANY on an ongoing basis.
  • Increase Sales Productivity.
  • Personal Referrals Boost Profit Margins.
  • B2B Networking is very cost effective - Saves YOU Money.
  • Gives YOU Access to Business Professional
    YOU would not normally meet.
  • Enables YOU to Form Strategic Alliances.
  • Working By REFERRAL Enables A Shorter Sales Cycle.
  • YOU can get to know other businesspeople
    in your community PERSONALLY.