A Day at the Office

Three of my dogs from recent litter will be competing in a dog show this Friday.  I brought them to my office today where Jere Marder would come to groom them for the big event. 

Our office is a busy place.  It's common for me to bring one dog to the office but THREE dogs in the office...  well it was delightful pandemonium!  Dogs just want to play and my business partner, John just wants to work.  John loves my dogs and they seem to love him also because they wanted his undivided attention...  often grabbing his arm and trying to jump up on his desk. 

Unfortunately I had an early morning out of office appointment and left the dogs in John's care.  I'm sure John didn't get much work done.

Jere came over at the lunch hour and did a marvelous job of grooming all three dogs making them all look like the champions we hope they will one day be. 

Hope you will enjoy seeing the photographs John made at our office today.

Ron Szekeres

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