Cast of Characters

Name: "Toby" Sex: M
Eric Baldazo, Oak Park, IL

Name: "Ivy" Sex: F
Ron Szekeres
Woodstock, IL

Name: "Ted" Sex: M
Now "Cooper" 
Beth Mathes, Elkhart, IN

Name: "Flower" Sex: F
Now "Zina"
Dr. Ron "Zino" Franzino and wife Marie
Putnam, CT

Name: "Rufus" Sex: M
Now "Ted E Bear"
Kathi McBride
Woodstock, IL




On March 25, 2010 Spirit (CH Lambluv's "Your Wildest Dreams") had 5 puppies, 3 males and 2 females.  Spirit is Winston's litter sister.  Winston was 2008 and 2009's #1 Old English.  He had a Herding Group placement at the Westminster Dog Show in 2009.  The father of the puppies is Sammie (CH Lambluv's "The Entertainer").  Sammie's father is the infamous YOSI (CH Lambluv's "Dessert Dancer") the #1 Old English of all times!  Spirit and Sammie's pups are of the finest quality.

As a breeder for over 20 years I have never cut corners in every aspect of the breeding process.  All my puppies are home raised and start out in a progressive learning process.  Each puppy is given mental and physical challenges every day.  Socialization is the key to our success when the puppies go their new homes.

  Spirit (Mommy) Champion Lambluv's    Sammie (Father) Champion Lambluv's "Your Wildest Dreams"                       "The Entertainer"

Liz Nack "Puppy Nanny"

Spirit's Pups Video 04/28/10

Spirit's Male Pups Early Agility 05/09/10

Spirit and her pups



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