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AOB Members..."Barter won't make a bad business a good business, but it can make a good business a great business and a great business an excellent business. The quality of members in Art of Barter seems to be the best of any of the barter companies in the Chicago area. I have been trading since 1984 and have found the quality of Art of Barter members to make excellent trading partners. "
Dr. Steven Pritkin, Lake Zurich Animal

AOB Members..."Barter makes good corporate fiscal sense. Art of Barter brings us business exposure and new clients that have increased our revenues by 10%! At one time, LaRaza traded with three other trade groups but now does all its trading through Art of Barter."
David Quan LaRaza/Hispanic Newspaper

AOB Members..."Of their many strong points AOB is known for personal contact and the quality of their members. The members we find at AOB are true barter people who understand and respect the bartering process. Everyone we have dealt with has been very professional. If a vendor doesn't fit the makeup of AOB's requirements, or doesn't price accordingly, they won't last at AOB. We have wonderful new clients and saved a lot of money because of AOB. " - Dennis Paluch,
Graphic House/Commercial Printing and Graphic Design

AOB Members...

"We have been Art of Barter members since 1992. They have sent us all sorts of new business and always make us feel like we are their number one client. Art of Barter has always been able to help us build more trade when needed, and always helped me spent it too. We seem to never run out of what to spend our trade dollars on either. Thank you Art of Barter for all the years of great service and helping our business grow."
Warren & Ellen Schoen
President, USA Wireless Cable, With DirecTV

AOB Members..."Permit me a moment to inform you that the Better Business Bureau of Chicago has developed a working relationship with Art of Barter. Through this relationship, Art of Barter has become a member of the Bureau, and the Bureau a member of Art of Barter. These two fine organizations are looking forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship. We are pleased to offer Bureau membership at 100% trade through Art of Barter. "
Jerry Riordan, Better Business Bureau

"Art of Barter works for me. They send me plenty of good customers so I am able to earn the barter dollars I need. The people at Art of Barter have a realistic no nonsense approach to business. What they do works. I highly recommend Art of Barter."
Herb Goode, Silvercloud Framing Gallery

"Art of Barter has saved my business thousands of cash dollars. They are consistently able to move as much of my products as I want. I use the barter dollars to purchase advertising for my business. Through Art of Barter I purchase much more advertising than I could afford to buy with cash. Every business should consider trading its products and services with them. Joining Art of Barter was one of the best things to happen to my business. " -Carlos Colin, President, CCI

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