The Barter Ambassador

 Dear Trading Partner,

It takes time to learn how barter works best for each individual and each business.  New members aren't going to know their way around the barter world right away.  When you meet a member who has questions about trading, take a few minutes to share encouraging stories that will help them be better traders.

Barter relationships are based on value and trust. Treat your fellow Trading Partners the way you want to be treated.  The golden rule is all the more evident in the barter world.  The experienced trader knows the importance of being a goodwill Barter Ambassador.

Set a good example.  Show up on time for appointments, return calls and email promptly, be fair and reasonable with your pricing, do good quality work, tip generously, and follow the rules.  What goes around comes around.  Be courteous to your barter customers.  You might be their customer next time. 

Be a barter advocate.  Refer you associates to Art of Barter.  Share your barter knowledge and help your fellow Trading Partners.  If you are new to AOB, the other members are as interested in your success as you are.  Make contact and make friends. 

Best regards,

Ron Szekeres

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