"Direct Trading"


 Official Definition of "Direct Trade":  Direct Trade occurs when Trading Partners referred by AOB exchange goods or services with each other without an authorized transaction thus bypassing the AOB system. 

Off the Record Definition of "Direct Trade": Slime, Loser, Cheater, Cheap.

 Some of our clients have actually boasted about direct trading as if we are going to think they are master traders or something.  They  take pride in their accomplishments! 

 What they don't realize is that anything that hurts the barter system hurts them. 

 Art of Barter is a third party record keeper that earns money by referring member businesses.  We offer a safe legal system with 100ís of great clients to trade with to help you save cash, build your business, and improve your life style. 

 The AOB membership contract obligates you to adhere to "Member to Member Conduct" which states: Direct Trading with other clients is prohibited. 

 It goes on to explain the legal recourse AOB can use to deal with Direct Traders.  90% of these cheats end up being exposed.  People that Direct Trade in our system are dishonest by nature and inevitably cheat the other member.  When that happens, the injured party calls AOB to complain about the "dishonest client".

 AOB depends primarily upon the cash transaction fees for it's income.  Every single Trading Partner looks to AOB for service and for more trading opportunities.  Cheat AOB and you cheat yourself.  You can't deny AOB its rightful fees and expect quality service. 

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