Not For Sale


 Mergers, acquisitions, companies, and substantial investment swept through the barter industry over the past three years.  After all the investment and hype, the only thing that happened was the waste of an enormous amount of money with no benefit to the members. 

 The corporate people saw what they thought was an opportunity to "fix" the barter industry.  They failed to apply Murphy's law…"if it's not broken don't fix it"!  Some enterprises do not scale well when rolled out nationally.  Barter is best left to the experts at the local level.

 Is the joining together of multiple barter groups across the country a good thing or a bad thing for the members?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Only time will tell.  The one thing I do know is that the fee structure of the latest corporate behemoth is staggering compared to the modest fees AOB charges. 

 This brings us to the title of this letter - NOT FOR SALE. Art of Barter has been in business for more then ten years.  We've traded well over $100 million dollars of goods and services.  Art of Barter pays its bills on time and has no cash debt. 

We are expanding our sales and broker services and recently hired new sales associates.

 We're here now and will be here tomorrow and into the future to serve you the best way we know how.  Art of Barter is not selling out!  We are more committed to our members now then ever before.  

 Being independently owned, we control our future and are not subject to the fickle fate of Wall Street.  We want to be here for the future to serve you.  It took 10's of million dollars for these companies to realize that our industry was built upon and remains primarily a personal relationship business.   We are PEOPLE who care about you and your business, not merely a slick website and lots of hype.

 Help us continue to provide a viable and valuable local choice.  Run your trades through Art of Barter.  Tell your associates to join Art of Barter.  Let your bartering support us right here locally.  

Best regards,

Ron Szekeres

Art of Barter 609 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL 60120-5760 

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