The Price Gouger


They're out there.  Selfish, short sighted Trading Partners taking unfair advantage of other members holding them hostage and charging much higher prices for trade then they would for cash. We call them the "price gougers".

 In the closed private barter economy, members are limited to buying and selling only among others in the system.  There is much less competition in barter than in the cash world.  This is where the price gouger's true colors are revealed.

 Thinking only of the moment, trying to profit at every turn, the price gouger blithely quotes a barter price much higher than average cash prices would be. The short sighted price gouger is too self centered to realize they poison the very well they drink from.  One day they will be buying from the same people they ripped off.

 Of the complaints we receive, the single largest number are about abusive pricing.  Our answer is "say NO!"  Paying inflated prices only encourages the price gouger.  Don't give in to their demands!  There are hundreds of other Trading Partners with great products and services glad to take your trade dollars and treat you fairly.  These smart business people realize they may want to buy from you one day and treat you as they hope you will treat them.

 The only way to combat the price gouger is to displace them through competition.  It saddens me whenever I hear about price gouging.  We've all worked hard to build our businesses.  Barter is a great business tool and itís getting bigger and better each day.  I ask each of you to help build this industry and stop bringing it down by taking unfair advantage of your Trading Partners.

 Do the right thing.  Show up for appointments, be fair and reasonable with your pricing, do good quality work, tip generously, follow the rules, and be a good barter ambassador.  What goes around comes around.

 Best regards,

Ron Szekeres

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