Rumor has it that some AOB Members still pay cash for things that they can get on trade.  Keep your cash!  Consult the online buying guide, Monthly Trader Updates, Weekly Faxes, and Daily Emails.  AOB is here to help you SAVE CASH!  Think Barter First!  The successful AOB Trading Partner uses barter for everything possible.  Here are some suggestions of every day uses for your AOB dollars.  If you are not using your barter for every day common expenses you are spending cash you could be saving.   

Common Daily Expenses:
Casual Dining
Auto Repairs
Car Wash
Computer Maintenance
Dry Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Salon Services
Movie Theaters
Oil Changes
Fitness Clubs
Eye Care
Dental Care
Heating and A/C Maintenance and Repair
Fire Extinguisher Service
Credit Card Services
Window Cleaning
Ice Cream
Pest Control
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Children’s Clothing

There are also these special extras to enhance your life:
Fine Art
Picture Framing
Skin Care Facials, Laser Hair Removal, Etc.
Manicure & Pedicure
Auto Paint Protection
Home Theater Installation
Car Detailing
Concert, Sports Events, & Theater Tickets
Vacation Condo Rental
Family Portrait

 Business Essentials:
Attorney and CPA for Tax Planning, Wills, Trusts, Contracts, Etc.
Webmasters to update and enhance your website
Computer Network Installation and Maintenance
Upgrade Your Phone System
Marketing & Advertising
Oh-Hold Message System
Use Sub Accounts as Employee Barter Incentive.
Remote Security Camera Monitoring via Internet
Graphic Designer to Upgrade Corporate Image and Sales Materials

Unique Suggestions:
Interior Decorator
Antique Lamp Restoration
Professional Organizer/Consultant
Pressure Wash your Building, Parking Lot, and Trucks
Professional Entertainment, Staging, Sound, Lighting, and Rentals for Parties
and Special Events
Dog & Cat Grooming, Boarding, and Apparel
Professional Video Production for Internet or DVD
Spotlight Rental

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