Timely Reporting of Transactions


Restaurant Script and Transaction Slips are the way we do business in the barter industry, no different than all other businesses that use formal purchase orders and invoices.  Your transaction slips and restaurant script are records of the amount of business that your organization has done in any given period of time.  Recording and recognizing of revenues and expenses in a timely fashion is important in all businesses. 

 It is imperative to report sales transactions and return redeemed scrip on a timely basis.  Failure to do so, will not only cause your businessís barter account not to be updated properly which will affect your credit for future purchases, but will also cause your customers barter accounts to be incorrect.

 If your business does not process transaction slips on a timely basis, it may not be recognizing income properly.  Furthermore, if Art of Barter office does not have timely information your customerís account  will not be updated properly.  It is of equal importance to both the seller and the buyer to have account balances recorded and reported properly and kept current.

 Transaction Slips, and redeemed scrip should be sent to the Art of Barter office at a minimum of once a month.  To report a sale and obtain authorization call Art of Barter at 847-568-9100 or email info@artofbarter.com.

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