The Whiner


The Whiner: The member who is never satisfied, invariably complaining that they canít spend their trade dollars.  A good trader always spends their trade dollars, and wants more business!  The whiner complains about everything. 

 Barter is uniquely different from cash. Cash is hard to get but easy to spend.  Barter is easy to get but you have to put a little work into spending it.  In the cash world, the seller pursues the buyer.  In the barter world the buyer pursues the seller. 

 In the cash world you spend your money wherever, however, and when ever you want to.  The barter world is exclusive to the participating trading partners.  This is one of the reasons barter is so powerful.

Good traders go out of their way to do business with you.  They often spend more than cash customers do and are less price sensitive than cash customers.  You have an exclusive loyal market in the barter world.

 Barter is a tool to save cash, not replace cash.  Barter isnít like cash and was never intended to act like cash.  The whiner wants it both ways.  They want power of selling on trade and expect to buy on trade as easily as they do with cash.

 As a seller, you have the benefit of an entirely new market of barter buyers.  These new customers eagerly buy merchandise that has been hard to move in the past.  Service industries use barter to fill in down time or off-season work.  Restaurants welcome trade clients on their off nights but often not on Friday and Saturday when they earn most of their cash. 

 Travel in the off-season.  Peak season is rarely available. Plan trade dinners during the middle of the week, look for contractors and landscapers on the off-season.  Be prepared to travel out of your neighborhood to find what you are looking for.   

 As much as we try to provide informational faxes, email, buyers guides, and personal customer service, the whiner is never satisfied.   Barter is a valuable business tool.  Stop whining and make it work!  Our good traders know this and thatís why theyíre so successful.

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